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Our doctor-led program combines FDA-approved prescription medications and evidence-backed lifestyle changes to support your weight loss and health journey. Our proven approach based in medical science is why it is covered by most health insurances.

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Delivering Evidence-Backed Results

We use the latest medical technologies to provide patients with data on their bodies and health. Our patients come in all shapes and sizes and can have very different goals. But the common element between them is their belief in empowering themselves by measuring and tracking important health indicators.

Our patients come to us with a variety of questions that are all related to underlying metabolic health:

These are real questions that we have heard again and again in our practice. So at Track Your Max, we came up with:

So at Track Your Max, we came up with:

Our Services

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Track Your Metabolism

Have you ever wondered how many calories are you burning every day? Or whether you are losing fat or muscle while losing weight? Or how your body responds to food and exercise? At Track Your Max, we can help you fire up your metabolism by helping you understand the foundational numbers about your metabolic self! Schedule an appointment to learn more.

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Track Your Hormones

Hormones regulate everything in your body – from your hunger to your sex drive. When they go out of balance, you feel it in everything you do. We have identified a key set of hormones that most correlate to symptoms our patients often encounter. Understanding key hormone levels can help you better understand what is going on inside you!

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Track Your Biochemistry

Our bodies can often be sensitive or allergic to certain foods and allergens found inside and outside our homes. These allergies can often remain undetected, causing unnecessary discomfort. Certain vitamins and micronutrients can also cause discomfort. Constantly feeling unwell? We can help you understand your allergies and deficiencies!

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Weight Loss

Weight gain has often been over-simplified in popular culture – it is NOT just due to over-eating or lack of exercise. There are many different reasons, some of which are outside your control. We combine medical treatment with nutrition and exercise to manage and provide individualized clinical management to help you lose weight.

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Coupling the Latest Science and Medical Technology
With Compassion & Understanding.

Your treatment plan will always be centered around your goals or areas of concern. With every patient that steps into our Webster, TX office, we always take their lifestyle, goals, and medical history into consideration. To learn more, please call our office at (832) 400-9501.

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