Medical Weight Management

At Track Your Max, we strive to supply our clients with a transparent view into their metabolism, hormones, and biochemistry. With our help, patients are provided with empirical data on an ongoing basis to help optimize their health needs.

Medical Weight Management

Medical weight management at Track Your Max can have you fit into your favorite jeans and full of energy. We know that significant and necessary weight loss is possible! On average, our clients lose upwards of 6 lbs per month and shed as much as 19% of their body weight in a single year. 

Our professionals at Track Your Max offer a healthcare program for weight management that helps participants lose excess weight, maintain a healthy weight, and make a body and lifestyle change. Our dedicated team of experts will collaborate with you throughout the entire process, from your initial consultation to your monthly follow-up visits. 

Track Your Max’s Multi-Faceted Approach?

In a multifaceted approach, our medical weight-management program will:

  • Evaluate and address hormonal and endocrine disruption with a specific approach that is customized to each patient.

  • Assist you in learning how to regulate your intake of food by addressing emotional eating, combating addiction, and focusing on nourishing the body.

  • Avoid antiquated methods like counting calories, weighing, and diet plans to regulate yourself and your lifestyle.

  • Help you comprehend the body’s response to malnutrition and establish goals that are centered around health that nourish and replenish your body.

  • Utilize treatments like GLP-1 as a way to control hunger, while gradually incorporating smaller changes.

What Is Track Your Max Four-Component Strategy?

Our sustainable weight-loss strategy employs four components that have demonstrated effectiveness.

1. Test Panels: A Snapshot of your current health.

The first step to accomplishing your goal is to know where you currently stand. Our lab will take blood samples to give you and our team a snapshot of the starting point. This blood work includes a full metabolic panel, hormone & thyroid panel, and the levels of your cholesterol, glucose, insulin, vitamins, and cortisol.

Understanding bloodwork is crucial to creating a personalized, healthy approach that is specific to you and sets the foundation for your professionally curated, tailored strategy. These tests can also let our team know if there are any contributing medical conditions that need to be taken into account for a full-spectrum plan of action.

2. Key Performance Indicators

During your first appointment, you’ll complete an intake form with information about your medical history, diet, and lifestyle. Afterwards, you’ll have your first weigh-in, be measured, and have a before picture taken before beginning your transformation. These will be part of the key data that is tracked to show your progress week after week. You will see yourself steadily transform into your best self.

3. Personalized Treatment Plan Consult with a Provider

During the consultation regarding the treatment plan, your provider will explain the protocol’s guidelines and requirements. Afterward, we will collaborate with your needs and medical history, answer any questions, and address any concerns in order to help you develop a personalized treatment plan.

4. Monthly Follow-Ups With Provider

Your monthly appointments with your provider serve to assess your progress, recommend treatments when necessary, and provide consistent & long-lasting assistance.

To learn more about how our medical weight-management program in Harris County can change your life, schedule a consultation with the Track Your Max team today.

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