Body Composition

Body composition is more than just the number you get on a scale. The scale is only going to give you a number with no additional data about what is going on inside your body – your health, your progress in getting to a fitter body, or potential health risks. At Track Your Max in […]

Medical Weight Loss

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With the medical weight loss program, our physician will order the tests required for a pharmacological evaluation.

Track Your Biochemistry

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Our office can test for food allergies in addition to indoor and outdoor allergies. We can also test for food sensitivity and vitamin deficiencies.

Track Your Hormones

hormonal weight gain

We offer a variety of tests for both men and women, including thyroid, testosterone, cortisol, and perimenopause panels.

Track Your Metabolism

metabolic tracker

We offer RMR testing, DEXA scans, and
Continuous Glucose Monitoring at Track Your Max. To learn more, please click below.

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