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Health is too important to be left to the discretion of others. We believe that the biggest patient advocate is the patient herself and she should be armed with all the information and education to improve her own health. We strive to offer a set of services that does precisely that – give our patients a snapshot of their health across multiple dimensions so that they can make informed lifestyle (and if needed) treatment choices.

Having practiced primary care, endocrine and obesity medicine for decades, our founders have found that the best results for their patients happen when the patients are informed and in charge of their own health. And in this day and age, it is very much possible to do so at a reasonable cost. So, they created Track Your Max to focus on a few critical metabolic, hormonal and biochemical markers that they saw the biggest need to track in their experience


We work with most insurances and try our best to get as many services covered as possible – your cost will be based on your deductible or copay. We seek to minimize the cost to you.

However, there are some services that we offer that are typically not covered by insurance (Body Composition, RMR and Food Sensitivity Tests). In most cases, these services will be HSA/FSA/HRA reimbursable.

We have provided as much information as we can on each of the services based on our experience working with insurance. Please call us if you have more questions or need further clarification.

Track Your Metabolism

Metabolism works differently for different people. Yet, the current methods used by most of the medical community today to access individual metabolism is still routed in population based methods of age, sex, height and weight. Rest Metabolism Rate personalizes this calculation by measuring the mix of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in your breath; giving you a personalized answer. Given RMR is a critical input to planning your diet modifications for weight loss, we highly recommend it for anyone looking to change their body composition (whether weight loss or gaining muscle).

The weighing scale offers incomplete information about what is going on inside your body – it is a blunt instrument. For anyone looking to understand their baseline body composition better, a body composition analysis is highly recommended. It provides detailed break-down of muscle mass vs. fat percentages in different parts of the body and similar to RMR, provides a great baseline to anyone looking to loose weight or gain muscle. And it helps measure progress in a granular fashion – the insights it provides helps our physicians to further personalize your goals and plan.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) has been in use for diabetes for over two decades now. But even for those not suffering from diabetes, CGMs provide an useful window to how your body metabolizes different foods: what causes a blood sugar spike and what doesn’t; how long it takes for the blood glucose to come down and whether you are at risk of diabetes longer term. While you do not need to use the CGM on an ongoing basis, it is a great way to help personalize your nutrition based on your own body’s metabolism.

Track Your Hormones

Hormones are the body’s natural thermostat – they regulate most other organs. When they are out of balance, the body ends up eventually with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and obesity. Hormone imbalance can often also explain “general unwellness” and fatigue symptoms that so many of us experience that is often waived off with “exercise more” and “eat better” type of answers by healthcare providers. So, if you are in such a situation or simply want to better understand what’s going on beneath the surface, getting tested for hormonal imbalance is a great option.

Women and men’s bodies work differently, especially when it comes to hormonal regulation of the body. We have carefully selected a limited set of hormones for both men and women that are most critical to explain typical symptoms that our patients experience. This keeps costs down while providing most useful information for our patients.

Track Your Biochemistry

Have you ever noticed that eating certain foods cause a lot of stomach discomfort for you? Or that being exposed to pollen in the spring time causes you to sneeze non-stop? For a lot of our patients, allergies often remain undiagnosed if they are not life threatening, but affect quality of life negatively. Testing for allergies can ensure any undiagnosed allergies are properly treated so that you can live your life to the max!

The body is an intricate machine with thousands of nutrients playing a role in its proper functioning. Vitamins are a key ingredient to this machine. Often undetected, vitamin deficiencies can cause a number of symptoms – ranging from fatigue and low energy, to hair loss and irritability. These symptoms your body’s way of letting you know that it is not getting the nutrients it needs – you need to pay attention!

Medical Weight Loss

We strive to combine the best of many worlds in creating this medically supervised weight loss program. We use weight loss medication when appropriate, but only when combined with lifestyle change coaching, to ensure that the weight loss will stick. We use a combination of in person and virtual consultations, to make it convenient for our patients, while ensuring that the doctor can closely supervise the weight loss. And we use a number of diagnostic tools that go well beyond the weighing scale to measure progress and personalize the plan. While there are a lot of other good programs available (and some not so good ones too!), we bring all the elements needed for long term weight loss success together in one comprehensive program.

Every patient is unique – both in personality and metabolism. Therefore, expectations about individual results are best discussed after proper evaluation and diagnostic testing. However, our patients generally see a body weight reduction of 10%-20% within the first year of our program. More importantly though, we measure a number of other markers of your journey to ensure you look and feel better – both outside and inside.

We do not recommend diets (the very name implies something that is temporary). We do help you make changes to your lifestyle (including your nutrition) in a step by step manner so that they become permanent. This is important to make sure the weight lost stays away. We also understand this is hard for our patients; that is why we hand-hold you through this journey. Small, sustainable changes made continuously lead to amazing results – and we are your partners every step of the way!

Weight loss medications are an important tool in our toolbox to fight obesity; increasingly so, with a number of cutting edge advances in the field. Some of the medications we use for treatment include GLP-1 agonists (also known as semaglutides) such as Ozempic, Saxenda and Wegovy, and other medications such as Mounjaro, Qysemia and Contrave.

However, every individual is unique and our board certified providers make the decision on whether and which medications are medically appropriate for you only after a full evaluation.

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