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Why Take A Resting Metabolism Rate (RMR) Test?

This test can not only help screen for a slowed metabolism but can also reveal underlying changes within your body. This can help provide you with the explanations and answers necessary to help you break through a frustrating plateau.

Every calorie consumed requires a fixed amount of oxygen to help your body convert it to energy. This test measures the amount of oxygen consumed to help calculate the ratio of calories burned.

You will be given a mouthpiece to breathe into. Although you will inhale the air from the room, you will exhale gas from our metabolic analyzer. This will be used to measure your metabolic rate. This test is completed within the span of 10 minutes and is entirely done in-office.

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Why Track Body Composition

Body Composition analysis provides important additional details on your body that goes well beyond measuring your weight or Body Mass Index (BMI). It allows you to track the following:

Muscle Fat Analysis: It tracks your body fat % as well as your lean muscle mass over time. When you are working on overall body re-composition, the weighing scale may sometimes not show a change week over week. The more important measure here is whether your body fat percentage is dropping. This is especially true if they are also exercising. Muscle Fat Analysis ultimately allows you to aim for and track an overall body re-composition (what most patients actually want) versus just weight loss.

Segmental Lean Analysis: This analysis allows you to see body fat percentages in different parts of your body. This is important since abdominal obesity, in particular, has been shown to have a high correlation with the development of chronic conditions such as diabetes over time.

Why Try Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Continuous glucose monitoring can help you automatically track your glucose levels (blood sugar) throughout the day. This allows you to observe trends in real-time, allowing you to make more informed and educated decisions about how to balance your food, physical activity, and medicine.

At Track Your Max, we utilize the Abbott FreeStyle Libre for all of our CGM services. Our office will prescribe a month’s supply of CGM after your consultation with one of our certified physicians.

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Step 1:

Schedule with us online or over the phone. On the day of your scheduled office visit, you will check in and pay for your initial scan and physician review.

Step 2:

You will receive both a Resting Metabolism Rate (RMR) Test and a body composition analysis to help establish a baseline for your metabolism.

Step 3:

Your results will be reviewed in-office after both tests are completed. Our physician will discuss your health goals and prescribe a CGM prescription if deemed appropriate. 

Step 4:

In case a CGM is prescribed, you will get a CGM applied in office with instructions and a follow up appointment to review detailed results after 14 days.

Step 5:

After consultation with your Track Your Max physician, you may choose an appropriate follow-up program based on your health goals.

Metabolism Pricing Plans

Metabolism Baselining:

Provider Review and CGM (if clinically appropriate) are typically covered by insurance while RMR Test and Dexa Scan are not (self-pay cost is $100).

Advanced Metabolism Baselining:

RMR and Body Comp Subscription:

Basic Metabolism Baselining

  • (Includes RMR, Body Composition, and Physician Review)

Advanced Metabolism Baselining

  • (Includes RMR, Body Composition, CGM, and a detailed physician consult to review the data and create a plan.)

RMR and Body Composition Analysis Subscription

$480 for 6 visits
  • (or $720 for 12 visits)

Active Subscription Members

Follow-Up Programs Available

Depending on your results and goals, you may be referred to our medical weight loss program.

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